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The Problem

Daily demands of your time to responsibilities, commitments and errands can make life feel like a never-ending carousel of work, eat and sleep. Each day a rinse and repeat of the last. Modern life sometimes demands more than we have time to fulfill. But what can you do? How does this problem get solved?

The Consierge Solution

What is your time worth? Do you make sacrifices due to lack of time? What if there was a way to gain more time? A concierge can assist you in managing your personal or professional life. Your consierge on hand to take care of the endless to-do-list items and offer peace of mind that the tasks are beings done on time and correctly.

Who Might Benefit from a Consierge?

  • A Senior Citizen
  • A caretaker of someone
  • A Vulnerable Adult
  • Disabled
  • Guardian of someone
  • A busy professional
  • Hate taking the time or the task of doing it
  • Leaving for winter or vacation
  • Needing general assistance

Our Services

Some of our helpful services include:

  • Paying bills
  • Checkbook balancing
  • Personal budgeting
  • Paying bills while gone for vacation, business or winter
  • A trusted 3rd party
  • Oversite of money and savings
  • A resource for professional referrals for needed services
  • Much more. We assist various ages and types of people with a range of services customized to fit their needs

We Care Consierge’s goal is to help you achieve balance in your life by shouldering the responsibility for many of the time robbing tasks which keep you from living to your potential. Having more time to spend with family, friends or simply taking time off for yourself with the knowledge your bills are paid on time.

Want to know more? The first step is a conversation. We need to understand your needs and how you would like those needs addressed. We will determine the cost of our service and give you a proposal. Ultimately, you determine the value of your potential free time verses our service. We make the process simple and easy, like it should be so we do not become a new concern, but rather someone behind the curtain making sure your bills are paid and any other services

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Who is We Care Consierge?

We are a subsidiary of Baldwin and Company. A locally owned firm since 1963 with a reputation for excellence. We have earned the trust of those we serve. Handling your needs accurately, with accountability and strict confidentiality. Our unique solution to modern problems sets us apart from other firms. We innovate while others imitate.

We have a location in Logansport and Rochester Indiana. Give us a call at 574-722-2580 or visit one of our offices.

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