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Business Bookkeeping/ Accounting

As a small business owner with employees, payroll is not the only thing that needs your attention every pay period. For a successful business to stay in business and enjoy the profitable times, a good bookkeeping system and an effective, up to date accounting statement need to be provided for business owners to be able to make the right decision. We not only offer payroll services, we also specialize in business bookkeeping and providing growing businesses with detailed financial statements so that important decisions can be made accordingly. Below is a list showing values that Baldwin Accounting and its team can add to your business. The goal is to have you running the business and we be your support team. We truly believe that this will assist all of us generate higher profit margin.

  • Consultation about different forms of business entities suitable for individual needs.

  • Apply for Federal and State related identification numbers and accounts.

  • Assist in setting up initial accounting system (onsite/offsite).

  • Inform about related regulations when starting a new business.

  • Onsite account receivable.

  • Inventory count.

  • Account payable.

  • Prepare Business Financial statements.

  • Income statements.

  • Prepare annual property assessment forms (due in May each year).

  • Prepare Year End Tax Report (W-2's, W'9's, Etc.)

  • Prepare Payroll Tax returns.

  • Calculate Payroll and write employee checks.

  • Prepare Sales, Excise, Food and beverage and other required Tax Returns.

  • Develop Strategies to Enhance Profits

  • Advise on Tax Effects of Business Decisions.

  • Analyze Product Profitability & Profit Margins.

  • Develop Financial Projections.

  • Balance sheet.

  • Mobile bookkeeping

  • Business "Makeover" Plans, - More...

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